Creating the perfect look for your shop front or entrance begins at the design stage. We can design a bespoke shop front or welcoming entrance that is tailored to your specific needs using the latest computer aided design (CAD) software. Our capabilities also include powder coating allowing you to design your entrance or shop front in corporate colours from our wide range of RAL and British standard colour palettes.


Part of our service is to do a comprehensive site survey which will look at the feasibility of different designs. For instance it may reveal whether it would be better to use automatic swing doors instead of automatic sliding doors. It may indicate that aluminium would be a better choice for the store front than frameless glass.

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Because we use the latest in CAD software, you’ll see exactly what your project will look like ahead of time. The software produces a realistic and accurate rendition of the design and is able to project cost of materials accurately as well. Changes made in the design phase of a project cost much less than during construction. Our design team will work with you during this phase to advise you on all aspects of the project and to answer any questions you might have. Our designers are able to listen to your concepts and ideas and turn them into tangible designs on paper that you can then adjust as needed. It is our goal to achieve a design that you are perfectly happy with and meets the needs of your business. Alternatively BSF can work to any Architects design drawings and specifications.


Then, our highly trained manufacturing team uses the information from the design phase to craft quality products that will be shipped to the job site. It is only then that installation begins.

Our expert installers quickly go to work utilizing the professional skills for which they’ve been trained and also drawing on years of experience. Since

everything was planned down to the last detail ahead of time in the design and manufacturing phase, we at BSF are able to minimise the time we spend on site. This means less disruption for your place of business, your customers and speedier time in service for your installation.

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